All-Round Hair Styling Brush

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The All Round Hair Styling Brush is the ultimate styling brush every hair enthusiast must have! 

  • Adds volume to the hair easily
  • Ergonomic handle for single hand operation and increased manoeuvrability
  • Heat resistant material to protect both hands and hair

This styling brush made from 100% synthetic bristles (not animal hide) is specially designed to add volume to all hair types. The bristles are packed in consistent rows to be able to go through every strand of hair without getting hair caught between bristles while providing sufficient grip to hold the hair while blow drying.

    The handle is formed ergonomically to enable single hand operation while working with a blow dryer so styling hair can be a breeze. The cylindrical shape of the brush enables not only different sized curles to be formed, but can also add volume to straight hair. The handle is made of heat resistant material that doesn't heat up even when exposed to hot air for a long time, so it can be used comfortably.

    Pre-styling with a blow dryer can make a great impact to the hair as it gives the hair a more defined shape and a light hold for the products to work in, so it really amplifies the effects of the hair products.

    Get your hair brush today and never have lifeless hair again.

    Directions of use :

    1. Form curls by moving the brush in a forward and upward motion from the centre towards the direction you want the curls to form and blow the hair caught by the brush.
    2. Move upwards while blowing for larger curls and stay near the scalp for smaller curls. Make sure you get a good grip of the hair for maximum impact. 
    3. For hair that you prefer uncurled, achieve a soft volume by swaying the brush side to side while blow drying.


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