Night Fiber
Night Fiber
Night Fiber
Night Fiber

By Vilain

Night Fiber

Regular price SGD $33.00

Want to get the By Vilain Night Fiber with free shipping to Singapore? Get yours now in Hairppening! 

  • Natural-looking shine finish
  • High hold and retention
  • Water-soluble fiber wax

The By Vilain Night Fiber is an improved version of the By Vilain Black Fiber.

People living in hot and humid areas will be thankful for this fiber wax! Boasting an 8-hour curl retention, you can trust that the humidity won't blow up your hair in all directions. The Night Fiber will hold your hair in place and retain the shape even in hot and humid weather.

Application is easy and smooth with the Night Fiber, with no flaking or dusting even though it's a fiber wax. After application, the wax gives your hair a low and clean shine while retaining the smooth texture of your hair.

Because it's a water-soluble hair wax, the fiber wax will lock in the moisture of your hair so your hair stays moisturised and conditioned, unlike other waxes which may dry your hair and strip it from natural oils. The Night Fiber is also easily washed off with shampoo at the end of the day.

Get the By Vilain Night Fiber today and don't let humidity prevent you from achieving the hairstyle you want.

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