Light Pomade 2.5 Oz.

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The Byrd Light Pomade 'The Free' is now available in Singapore! Get the Light Pomade in a 2.5oz (73.9ml) tin all the way from California with free shipping now!

  • Water-based pomade
  • Super lightweight formula
  • Shiny finish

The Light Pomade may not be as strong as the other two pomades, but the formula is really lightweight and won't weigh your hair down. Suitable for those with fine and longer hair, the pomade gives a medium hold with a great shine that won't look greasy.

The softness of the product when you are styling your hair tucks away all stray hair and gives your hair a smooth finish without much effort. Also extremely easy to wash off compared to other pomades, and gives a mild but very nice scent that won't clash with your cologne.

Try the Byrd Light Pomade today and let your hair be 'free'.

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