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Elevate by Carter Supply Company is now available with Free Shipping to Singapore! get the Elevate Medium Lifting Cream now in a 60ml glass jar.

  • Medium hold
  • Medium shine
  • Easy to restyle throughout the day

Elevate is a unique type of hair cream that gives your hair softness while boasting a medium, healthy-looking shine without making your forehead feel greasy. The formula can be easily spread throughout the hair to give it a little bounce, and can reduce frizz.

The soft cream allows you to style your hair without any tugging, and can easily enhance your hairstyle after pre-styling. Its' softness makes it versatile enough to restyle halfway through your day, making it possible to have a completely new style while still maintaining the natural look.

Elevate washes out easy and is lightweight enough so that it will not weigh your hair down. The healthy shine makes Elevate perfect for the messy medium-lengthed Korean hairstyle, and you can even style some wavy texture with this cream.

If you're looking for a hair product that washes out easy and gives you natural looking hair with a smooth and healthy shine, Elevate by Carter Supply Co is the perfect product for you.

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