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Silver Fox

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The By Vilain Silver Fox is now available in Singapore via Hairppening! Get your hair changing experience in a 65ml,  2.2 fl. oz compact jar today!

  • Extreme hold for long days
  • Polished finish with a clean shine

    Be the definition of class and style with the Silver Fox hair wax. Besides providing extreme hold to last you throughout the day, this unique silicone based formula also adds volume and texture while maintaining a soft feel to your hair. The versatility of the wax is boasted with the ability to restyle your hair anytime to maintain a natural look and a moderate, clean shine.

    This wax provides a shiny finish that looks clean and refreshing, without looking greasy and dirty, suitable for those who prefer a polished and perfectly groomed look.

    With Silver Fox, you can now redefine sleek hair.

    Directions of use : Take a small amount o the wax and spread it evenly between the palms of your hands. Work the wax into dry, clean hair. The effect is amplified if your hair was dried with a blow dryer and an all-round styling comb; but not minimised if you go without. Then, sculpt your hair into the style you want. Apply on to wet hair for more shine. We recommend Slikhaar's YouTube hair styling videos to get an idea of what styles you may like and how to achieve it.

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