By Vilain

Paddle Brush

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The By Vilain Paddle Brush is now available in Singapore via Hairppening! A perfect detangler to brush your hair after waking up. Suitable for both men and women!

  • Soft tips on the bristle to increase comfort while getting rid of tangles
  • Different spacing between bristles to separate the hair easily
  • Non-slip handle for a better grip

A paddle brush is extremely essential for those with thick hair. A cushioned pad below the brush allows the bristles to move according to the shape of your head, so it reaches the roots of your hair and gently massages your scalp while detangling even the wildest bedhead. Brushing your hair is no longer uncomfortable, it can even be therapeutic. Just imagine waking up and brushing your hair with this paddle brush-- a nice massage to your scalp to gently wake you up, and once you're done, your hair is loose and free, ready for washing and styling.

Not only that, the paddle brush makes blow drying faster so you don't need to expose your hair to prolonged heat from the hair dryer. This is great to pamper your hair at the end of the day, once you've washed away all the product.

After all that styling, your hair will definitely appreciate some pampering with this paddle brush.