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By Vilain Travel Care Kit

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Kit comes with:

How do you care for your hair? Provide it with all the nutrients it needs, of course!

The By Vilain Hair Care Kit consists of a By Vilain Skyline Breeze Shampoo and a By Vilain Skyline Breeze Conditioner. Using both of these in your daily hair cleaning routine can repair, rejuvenate and protect your hair from all the styling and the harsh pollutants your hair is exposed to when you're outside.

The Skyline Shampoo contains Vitamin E and menthol which can protect, strengthen and nourish your hair. Enriched with avocado and apricot oil, the Skyline Breeze Conditioner softens and strengthens your hair while providing your scalp all the nutrients it needs after a long day.

Protect your hair. Get the By Vilain Hair Care Kit today! Now in Travel Size so you can protect and nourish your hair anytime, anywhere!