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Dynamite Clay

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The By Vilain Dynamite Clay is now available in Singapore via Hairppening! Get your hair changing experience in a 65ml,  2.2 fl. oz compact jar today!

  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Matte finish with texture
This clay is suitable for all hair types and has the formula to hold your hair up while adding more volume to what was once flat looking, drab hair. It provides a matte finish with a rugged and gritty look, and can be used to sculpt spectacular hairstyles on a daily basis. 

The clay does not dry too quickly so it gives room for changes if you didn't get it exactly the way you wanted it initially. The textured finish of your hair gives the impression of a naturally formed and effortlessly styled hairstyle. 

With this clay, you don't stop at being the bomb. You're a Dynamite.

Directions of use : Just swipe a small amount of product onto your palms and rub to soften the clay for easier application. Work the clay into dry, clean hair. The effect is amplified if your hair was dried with a blow dryer and an all-round styling comb; but not minimised if you go without. Then, sculpt your hair into the style you want. We recommend Slikhaar's YouTube hair styling videos to get an idea of what styles you may like and how to achieve it.


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