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The By Vilain Blow is now available in Singapore via Hairppening! Get your hair changing experience in a 7g jar today!
  • Adds volume and pliability
  • No-shine matte finish

The By Vilain Blow is a mattifying hair styling powder worthy of the name : it literally blows up your hair. Boosting volume at the roots, it's the best solution to fine, lazy hair that's difficult to style. A little bit of this fairy dust adds volume and increases texture from the roots of the hair and gives you full control to manipulate your hair into your desired style; and it gives an extra boost to strength and hold for a lasting hairstyle. 

With the Blow, you can now say goodbye to unwanted bedheads and stubborn hair patches that's always sticking out at the wrong places.

Let us blow your mind. Get the By Vilain Blow today.

Directions of use : Shake before using. Apply on to DRY hair by spraying the product directly onto the roots while holding up your hair. Otherwise, spray it on your palms, spreading it to your fingers and apply to the roots and scalp while finger combing your hair. A small amount is enough to do wonders for your hair.

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