Textured Hairstyle with Undercut

This hairstyle is perfect for those with thin and fine hair. Notice how the guy has hair so thin you can see his scalp while it's wet. Here, you can create more length and volume by blow drying with a brush while brushing your hair side to side. Add the By Vilain Blow to the roots to make all your hair stand, creating length and volume at the top. We recommend styling with the Dynamite Clay after that for an even better outcome. Remember to apply Sidekick before blow drying because you can't afford to lose any more hair from heat damage.

Tip : Style your hair in segments to create more texture, formed when you have many layers of the same angle from different positions.

Hair Measurements : 

Sides : 6 mm;  Top Front : 5 - 7 cm;  Top Center : 5 cm

Products Used :