Scandinavian Skin Fade Hairstyle

This short hairstyle is suitable for those still in National Service and is easy to maintain. Just blow dry the hair while finger combing it to get more volume, or use a Styling Brush and brush the hair against the direction of hair growth for more fluff. If you think your hair is too short, then use the Dynamite Clay as it holds up the hair better. Otherwise, both the Gold Digger and Silver Fox can be used to achieve this hairstyle, depending on whether you want a nice healthy shine for a finish (then use the Silver Fox) or a rugged messy look (then use Gold Digger). 

Tip : Just because your hair is short, doesn't mean it does not require blow drying. Air drying your hair can trap moisture to the roots of the hair (nearest to your scalp) and can cause dandruff and unhealthy scalp. 

Hair Measurements : 

Sides : 0 - 5 mm (faded);  Top Front : 4 cm;  Top Center : 2 - 3 cm

Products Used :