Men's Classic Quiff

With a Round Styling Brush, form the pomp at the front while your hair is still damp. The Sidekick is used here as a heat protector but also because you need the hair to stay in that shape before styling, otherwise it will be more difficult to style. The Sidekick adds a little more hold and can stick your hair into place for better control. Then, apply the Gold Digger by pulling your hair back from the front, then pushing it slightly back front from the ends to get the pomp shape and for the ends to stay down. You can choose to have a textured back (use the fingertips and rub in zig zag motion) or a neat back (pushing all hair neatly towards the center). Spray a few more pumps of Sidekick to finish off with a little bit of extra hold.

Hair Measurements : 

Sides : 1 cm;  Top Front : 9 cm; Top Center : 8 - 9 cm

Products Used :