Medium Messy Look Hairstyle

Pick out groups of hair from different parts of your hair while blow drying with a brush to create a messy, carefree textured hairstyle. Spray some Blow into the roots to create the frayed and fluffy look. With the Silver Fox (also achievable with the Gold Digger or Dynamite Clay), rub the wax into your hair in circular motions in different parts of the head. Then, group up the front hair and create twirls with your fingertips. Try to separate the hair strands with your fingers for an even messier look.

Tip : The closer together your hair strands are, the more neat your hairstyle looks. Therefore, to get a messy look, you'd want the prominent strands to be further from each other and more separated.

Hair Measurement : 

Sides : 3 - 5 cm;  Top Front : 12 - 15 cm;  Top Center : 10 cm

Products Used :