David Beckham 2015 Inspired Hairstyle

Firstly, with a Styling Brush, form curls while blow drying your hair to get more volume and a nice pomp at the front. Spray some By Vilain Blow to the roots when the hair is dry for a larger volume boost and for the hair to look more fluffy. Apply the Silver Fox for a medium shine by finger combing the wax into your hair from the front to the back.Then, holding the ends of the hair, push the hair forward for a protruding pomp and a textured top. Pull out small strands of hair to separate it from the main pomp and put it back again to get the messy strands up front. 

Note : Ask your barber for "texturised thinning" to maintain your hair thickness but still be able to achieve a textured hairstyle! 

Hair Measurements :

Sides : 1 - 2 cm;   Top Front : 12 cm;    Top Center : 10 - 14 cm

Products Used :