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Wax Zero

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By Vilain Wax Zero now available in Singapore with free shipping, all the way from Denmark.
  • Made with 52% organic ingredients
  • Contains 0% perfume or fragrances
  • Strong hold
  • Enhances the natural shine of your hair
The By Vilain Wax Zero is formulated with the modern man in mind. You need to have a great hairstyle throughout the day, but over-styling can be damaging to your hair, not to mention the horrors of having to wash it off thoroughly so it doesn't further damage your scalp or skin. Well, the Wax Zero is made with 52% organic ingredients and zero perfume or fragrances, so this product is far less damaging than your common drugstore find. 
Not only that, this product helps enhance the natural shine of your hair instead of adding ingredients that give off an artificial matte or shiny finish, so your hair looks natural but in a great hairstyle as opposed to lifeless, unstyled hair.

The creamy texture makes application easy with almost zero tugging, so even more plus points for your scalp!
With these awesome qualities in just a jug of hair wax, it's time to let this zero be the hero to your hair and scalp.
Best paired with By Vilain Sidekick Zero


Directions of use : Take a small amount of the wax and spread it evenly between the palms of your hands. Work the wax into dry, clean hair. The effect is amplified if your hair was dried with a blow dryer and an all-round styling comb; but not minimised if you go without. Then, sculpt your hair into the style you want. Apply on to damp hair for a stiffer look.