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The By Vilain Freestyler is now available in Singapore via Hairppening! Get your spritz of pre styler with this specially crafted water spray today!

As much as you love leaving the house with great hair all styled up, we can't help but think washing your hair twice in a day (once before leaving the house, wet hair is AMAZING to work with, and once when you're home, because you don't want to sleep with product in your hair) can be pretty damaging to your hair. That's why we recommend using a conditioner every time you wash your hair. But this is just a short term solution.

Well, fret no more because the By Vilain Freestyler solves this easily! Simply spritz some water onto your hair before styling in the morning so you do not have to wash it twice in a day, causing unnecessary hair damage. Not only that, the Freestyler makes it super easy for you to restyle your hair in the middle of the day. Just spritz some water on and you can go ahead and style your hair, just like you came out of the shower.

The Freestyler is made of a metal body so the water inside stays clean, and the weight of it gives you better control. The nozzle has different sized tiny holes so that the water comes out like mist so that your hair can get wet evenly, instead of streams of uncontrolled water in every direction that can drip on to your shirt and collar. 

Get your Freestyler now and start styling differently today!


Directions of use: Use By Vilain Freestyler whenever you need to re-style your hair (without talking a shower). Simply moisten the hair with the spray and blowdry your hair into position. When dry, apply your favorite By Vilain wax and create your desired hairstyle.