Imperial Barber

Classic Pomade

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The Imperial Barber Classic Pomade (6 oz, 177g) is now available in Hairppening,  all the way from California, U.S.! Get it now with free shipping! 
  • Industrial level super strong hold
  • Water-based pomade
  • Sulfate and Lanolin free
  • Medium shine

Boasting an industrial strength type of hold, the Imperial Barber Classic Pomade can last you an entire day, from the wee hours of the morning up till late at night. Freely vary the type of hold based on the dampness of your hair when you apply. Apply on wet hair for a softer hold and on towel-dried damp hair for a stiffer finish.

This water-based pomade conveniently washes off in just one rinse, and if you need to restyle it throughout the day, just wet your palms and run your finger through your hair to reactivate the product. Restyle with a pocket comb for a neat look or a wide tooth comb for a natural look. It is mildly watermelon-scented.

The Classic Pomade works best for slicked-back styles, pompadours, and is very effective in holding down cowlicks and unmanageable stray hair. Use at least 2 to 3 dollops for medium length hair. Add product when necessary.