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ADH Wet™

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Now available all the way from the U.S.A! Get the ADH Wet™ (4oz, 114g) today with free shipping to Singapore!

  • Water-based product
  • Medium hold
  • Non-greasy shiny finish

The ADH Wet™ is a water-based hair product and finishes with a non-greasy shine. The product is not sticky and allows your hair to separate naturally after styling. The creamy body of ADH Wet™ really allows you to spread it evenly throughout your hair so a little bit is enough for a nice and even coat. It gives a decent amount of control so you can sculpt the hairstyle you want, even with very little product. Use sparingly on hair that is thoroughly blow-dried.

Once dried, the product doesn't stiffen or get crunchy, and you can reactivate and restyle it easily with just a little bit of water. As it's water-based, washing off this product is a breeze. Great for styling natural comb backs, sidecombs, and messy pomps with a clean, shiny finish.

If you don't want a product that just glues your hair together, and want a hairstyle that flows naturally, try the ADH Wet™. You won't regret it.

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