Fifth Sample Styling Mask Pomade

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The Fifth Sample by BluMaan Styling Mask Pomade is now in Singapore via Hairppening! Get your 3.7oz/110ml jug of awesomeness today with free shipping!
  • Water-based pomade
  • Made with 5 hair health-promoting ingredients
  • Low shine edition - reformulated to what people love
  • Strong hold
Not into pomades? No problem. Love pomades? Even better.

Unlike typical oil-based pomades, The Fifth Sample by BluMaan Styling Mask Pomade is not greasy and provides a strong hold with a low, clean shine. This lightweight water-based pomade makes it very comfortable to wear even on hot days where you tend to sweat more, and stays soft and super pliable throughout the day. And, even though it's a water-based pomade, the shine does not lose its lustre with time so you can look polished even after 8 hours outdoors.

As it's created to be versatile for many hair types and styles, you can definitely make it work for your hair, regardless of whether or not you were a pomade user before. After applying the pomade, easily comb through with a narrow-toothed comb for a super sleek look, or finger comb for a messy and ruffled style. Whatever your choice, the Fifth Sample will definitely comply. As it doesn't harden, finger comb it anytime for a quick fix if it goes out of place, or change your hairstyle on the go to suit your different needs.

As if that's not enough, the pomade also acts as a leave-on (leave-in?) hair conditioner. Basically the longer it sits in your hair, the softer and healthier your hair will be. We still don't recommend you to sleep with it, as the dust and dirt from outdoors can cause acne. But that wouldn't be an issue since the pomade can be washed real easily.

Try it now, and you might change your minds about old and greasy pomades forever!