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The Right Mister for your Hair

If you're looking for a hair product that gives you a natural look and does not damage your hair, we highly recommend trying out the Mister Pompadour range of products. With all the different products in their range, here's a post on the difference between the Natural Beeswax Paste, Moroccan Texture Paste, Peppermint Pomade, and the Sculpting Clay.


Natural Beeswax Paste

  • Matte finish with strong hold
The Natural Beeswax Paste (yes, it's made of beeswax, and yes, it does smell a little like honey) gives a natural matte finish. Its' strong hold can keep your hairstyle in place for at least 6 to 8 hours depending on hair length, but the formula does not stiffen your hair.

This paste works best for those with thicker hair and if you're looking for a hairstyle with some texture and if you like it a little messy.


Sculpting Clay

  • Matte finish with medium hold, volume boosting
I would say the Sculpting Clay is the most underrated product of the range. The hold is not as strong as the Beeswax Paste, but the lightweight formula can give your hair a volume boost. This also means that your hair won't be weighed down by the product, so even if there isn't super strong hold, it's still pretty decent. The Sculpting Clay is best used as a pre-styler, cocktailed with other products with higher hold such as the Beeswax Paste or Original by BluMaan

The Sculpting Clay is great for people with fine hair and if you're looking to get a pompadour or if you have an undercut. Apply more for a touch of healthy shine.


Moroccan Texture Paste

  • Medium hold with low shine
This... is not a paste. It's more like a styling cream but with better hold and less shine. The paste is super pliable and very easy to apply, with almost zero tugging. The paste doesn't harden over time so you can easily adjust your hairstyle if it ever goes out of shape. The low shine makes your hair appear clean, and not dry but not greasy either. And, as the name suggests, it adds texture to your hairstyle without making it look like you use product in your hair.

This texture paste is best for people with short hair. Works for both messy and casual hairstyles, and for those who prefer to have a bit of shine over a dry matte finish.


Peppermint Pomade

  • Medium hold with high shine
It smells great! Literally smells like fresh peppermint right out of the jug. As a water-based pomade, the hold is generally better than most water-based pomades out there. The difference is, this pomade won't damage your hair and scalp and the shine, while maintaining the sleek look, does not make your hair and forehead look or feel greasy. On top of that, the pomade is really easy to wash off because it's water based. 

If you're usually using pomades and looking for a product that is better for your hair, try out the Peppermint Pomade!


Did I mention that not only do these products give you a more natural and original look, they are also great for your hair and scalp. Made with premium ingredients that are paraben free and free from other damaging alcohols and chemicals, this range of products can nourish your hair from the root to the tip while still delivering in terms of great style. 

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