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The Difference Between Morris Motley Treatment Styling Balm and Chrome

Morris Motley Treatment Styling Balm and Morris Motley Chrome.  What's the difference? 

The Morris Motley Treatment Styling Balm came first, and it comes with a firm hold and a matte finish. This styling Balm boasts the ability to nourish and treat damaged hair, all while helping you achieve the hairstyle you need.

After the Treatment Styling Balm came out, there was a really high demand for it, and many have requested a version with a shiny finish.

Rob Mason, the Barber and hairstyling extraordinaire who created the styling Balm then came up with Morris Motley Chrome, which does the exact same thing as the styling Balm, except now it gives a nice shiny finish.

Another thing to note about the Chrome is that you can adjust the amount of shine you want based on the styling technique and the amount of product you use. Layer them bit by bit as you are styling your hair until you achieve your desired level of shine.

Long story short, the treatment styling balm came first and comes with matte finish, while the chrome is the same thing with a shiny finish. The chrome can be adjusted to achieve  your own desired level of shine by varying the amount of product used and your styling technique.

For a more detailed explanation on what the treatment styling balms do, read this.

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