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The By Vilain Sidekick: A detailed review We buy hair products all the time, and the main question we ask ourselves before adding yet another product to our styling routine is, “Does it work?” I ask myself this question all the time. Does the product work as advertised, and, more importantly, does the product work for me in particular? I agree that some products may work better for others, but there are also some universal products out there that can be so versatile that it can be perfect for everybody and anybody. I’m still searching for that dream product, so…...

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  The 5-Step Guide to Using an All Round Styling Brush So we keep stressing about pre-styling your hair by combing it while blow drying your hair, but sometimes, that’s just not good enough. It’s also important to comb it correctly to form the right shape and curls at the right places. Step 1: Get hair slightly damp Start with slightly wet or damp hair. After showering, gently pat dry (not vigorously rub with your towel) all the excess water on your hair. It should be wet, but not dripping. For those who skip the shower, wet your hands and just rub...

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How many men you know actually pre-style their hair? Many say they don’t need it, while some say it’s just an extra step. That’s not what we believe in Hairppening. Hairppening presents: 7 Reasons Why Pre-Styling is Important 1. It Sets Your Hair in the Right Places Ever get annoyed with stray hair? Some parts of the hair just won’t go in the direction you want? Pre-styling it prevents that. A blow dryer gently pushes hair and sets it in the direction you are blowing, and will stay in place for the rest of the day (with the help of hair...

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