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With more and more brands coming up, many of our customers come to us and ask for recommendation on which hair product to purchase or try out. Which one is the most popular at the moment? And the most frequently asked question of them all, which is the best? Well, look no further. We've decided to do a full comparison between two of our bestsellers, the By Vilain Gold Digger and Morris Motley Treatment Styling Balm. 1. Hold Both the Treatment Styling Balm and Gold Digger have strong hold that can last an entire day, perfect for those who are...

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So you're ready to move out of the regular NTUC or typical Guardian/Watson, off-the-rack, generic hair products which are not only of low quality in terms of the hairstyles you're going to achieve, but also damages your hair. Badly. Now you're looking into purchasing a better hair wax or, as you should now call it, hair product (because it's not always wax), you should know what are the aspects of the product you should be looking out for.   1. Product Ingredients Typical low grade products are made of cheaper ingredients which are mostly artificial chemicals. You want to look for products that are...

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Morris Motley Treatment Styling Balm and Morris Motley Chrome.  What's the difference?  The Morris Motley Treatment Styling Balm came first, and it comes with a firm hold and a matte finish. This styling Balm boasts the ability to nourish and treat damaged hair, all while helping you achieve the hairstyle you need. After the Treatment Styling Balm came out, there was a really high demand for it, and many have requested a version with a shiny finish. Rob Mason, the Barber and hairstyling extraordinaire who created the styling Balm then came up with Morris Motley Chrome, which does the exact...

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