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Morris Motley Treatment Styling Balm and Morris Motley Chrome.  What's the difference?  The Morris Motley Treatment Styling Balm came first, and it comes with a firm hold and a matte finish. This styling Balm boasts the ability to nourish and treat damaged hair, all while helping you achieve the hairstyle you need. After the Treatment Styling Balm came out, there was a really high demand for it, and many have requested a version with a shiny finish. Rob Mason, the Barber and hairstyling extraordinaire who created the styling Balm then came up with Morris Motley Chrome, which does the exact...

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The Morris Motley products are a recent addition to our store. Now, it is a bit more expensive than the other products we have, but we promise you, it's worth it. The Lowdown Morris Motley products are formulated in Melbourne, Australia. Created by a man with real passion for hair, he was searching high and low for a product that will not damage your hair while delivering high standards in terms of styling. When he couldn't find anything that fits the bill, he came up with three styling products that does just that.   Treatment Styling Balm Cool name. And it's...

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How many men you know actually pre-style their hair? Many say they don’t need it, while some say it’s just an extra step. That’s not what we believe in Hairppening. Hairppening presents: 7 Reasons Why Pre-Styling is Important 1. It Sets Your Hair in the Right Places Ever get annoyed with stray hair? Some parts of the hair just won’t go in the direction you want? Pre-styling it prevents that. A blow dryer gently pushes hair and sets it in the direction you are blowing, and will stay in place for the rest of the day (with the help of hair...

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