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The Morris Motley products are a recent addition to our store. Now, it is a bit more expensive than the other products we have, but we promise you, it's worth it. The Lowdown Morris Motley products are formulated in Melbourne, Australia. Created by a man with real passion for hair, he was searching high and low for a product that will not damage your hair while delivering high standards in terms of styling. When he couldn't find anything that fits the bill, he came up with three styling products that does just that.   Treatment Styling Balm Cool name. And it's...

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The By Vilain Sidekick: A detailed review We buy hair products all the time, and the main question we ask ourselves before adding yet another product to our styling routine is, “Does it work?” I ask myself this question all the time. Does the product work as advertised, and, more importantly, does the product work for me in particular? I agree that some products may work better for others, but there are also some universal products out there that can be so versatile that it can be perfect for everybody and anybody. I’m still searching for that dream product, so…...

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The Hair Styling Guide Every Man Should Know. After asking around our peers and snooping in Singapore’s forums and hair related discussion threads, we’ve noticed that most people do not really know how to properly use their hair products. What’s worse-- they’re doing it wrong.  Therefore, we’ve decided to present to you guys a very brief guideline to using your hair products and reasons behind doing so in our blog. 1.Try to apply hair wax or clay to clean hair. When your hair is dirty and greasy, applying wax on it traps the dirt and makes your hair heavier and...

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