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If you're looking for a hair product that gives you a natural look and does not damage your hair, we highly recommend trying out the Mister Pompadour range of products. With all the different products in their range, here's a post on the difference between the Natural Beeswax Paste, Moroccan Texture Paste, Peppermint Pomade, and the Sculpting Clay.   Natural Beeswax Paste Matte finish with strong hold The Natural Beeswax Paste (yes, it's made of beeswax, and yes, it does smell a little like honey) gives a natural matte finish. Its' strong hold can keep your hairstyle in place for at...

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We've received questions from our patrons and readers such as, what does the Silver Fox do? What's the difference between the Dynamite Clay and the Gold Digger? So we've compiled all the factors we think is important in determining which is the wax most suitable for you and included it here! Comment below if you have any questions or if you think we've missed something out!  We've also included some of the cocktails we found out works great in Singapore weather! Stay tuned for more haircare tricks, tips and reviews on our Blog ;)  

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How many men you know actually pre-style their hair? Many say they don’t need it, while some say it’s just an extra step. That’s not what we believe in Hairppening. Hairppening presents: 7 Reasons Why Pre-Styling is Important 1. It Sets Your Hair in the Right Places Ever get annoyed with stray hair? Some parts of the hair just won’t go in the direction you want? Pre-styling it prevents that. A blow dryer gently pushes hair and sets it in the direction you are blowing, and will stay in place for the rest of the day (with the help of hair...

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