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What Makes a Good Hair Wax or Hair Product?

So you're ready to move out of the regular NTUC or typical Guardian/Watson, off-the-rack, generic hair products which are not only of low quality in terms of the hairstyles you're going to achieve, but also damages your hair. Badly. Now you're looking into purchasing a better hair wax or, as you should now call it, hair product (because it's not always wax), you should know what are the aspects of the product you should be looking out for.   1. Product Ingredients Typical low grade products are made of cheaper ingredients which are mostly artificial chemicals. You want to look for products that are made of natural, botanical ingredients. Look out for Jojoba esters or Jojoba oil in the ingredients list, and try to...

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BYRD Matte vs BYRD Light vs BYRD Classic- What’s the difference?

The BYRD pomades all differ in terms of shine, texture, and hold, and has wax-based and water-based pomades. However, they are all really easy to wash because none of them are oil-based. They are also formulated with microcrystalline wax which gives greater control and pliability. Shine From lowest to highest, the Matte Pomade has zero shine, followed by the Classic Pomade which gives medium shine and the light pomade has high shine. Rest assured, even though the Light Pomade is super shiny, it’s a water-based pomade so you won’t look greasy and you can stay feeling fresh throughout the day. Hold From strongest to weakest, the Matte Pomade is the strongest of them all. Followed by the Classic Pomade which...

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By Vilain Gold Digger or Hanz de Fuko Claymation?

  With so many different hair products out there, it can get pretty confusing when it comes to deciding on which hair wax to get. Here’s a full comparison between the Hanz de Fuko Claymation and the By Vilain Gold Digger, and which one you should get. 1. Strength and hold Both the Hanz de Fuko Claymation and By Vilain Gold Digger have ‘super high hold’ and ‘extreme hold’, but which is better? In terms of strength, I would say the Claymation is stronger. While the By Vilain Gold Digger boasts a hold strength of up to 12 hours, the HDF Claymation can last just as long in harsher conditions. However, the HDF Claymation is less pliable and harder to wash. P.S....

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Which is better: By Vilain Gold Digger or Dynamite Clay?

“Quick question : What’s the difference between the By Vilain Gold Digger and the By Vilain Dynamite Clay? Which one should I get?” Okay, here’s the gist of it— the Gold Digger has an extreme hold with a matte finish, and the Dynamite Clay has a strong hold with a dry matte finish. But that doesn’t answer your question, does it? So here I am, breaking it down for you so that you can make the best decision and get the best hair product for your hair type.  1. Which one has a stronger hold?  This is a no-brainer. The Gold Digger definitely has the stronger hold because it was designed to last. It can hold your hair in place for...

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The Ultimate Pre-Styling Routine

  With a good pre-styling routine, your genes won’t stop you from looking good anymore. Fair warning : these 5 simple steps may just be the only steps you need for a completely new and amazing hair-changing experience. 1. Start off with wet hair  We usually start off with clean, freshly washed hair but if you’re not the type to shower or wash your hair in the morning, just dampen your hair with some water. The water helps get rid of unwanted bedheads and weird hair shapes (hair shapes?!?! You know what I mean). 2. Get your Sidekick ready What exactly is a pre-styling spray anyway? The By Vilain Sidekick offers heat protection which prevents damage to your hair from the...

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