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Morris Motley - What are you paying for?

The Morris Motley products are a recent addition to our store. Now, it is a bit more expensive than the other products we have, but we promise you, it's worth it.

The Lowdown

Morris Motley products are formulated in Melbourne, Australia. Created by a man with real passion for hair, he was searching high and low for a product that will not damage your hair while delivering high standards in terms of styling. When he couldn't find anything that fits the bill, he came up with three styling products that does just that.


Treatment Styling Balm

Cool name. And it's a product worthy of the name. The Morris Motley Treatment Styling Balm is not described as a hair styling product, but a hair care product. The smooth balm allows you to evenly spread the product in your hair without any tugging, and it's packed with so much amino acids so keep your hair nourished and moisturised throughout the day. To those of you who prefer to skip the routine of conditioning your hair, you should really consider using a product that doubles as a hair care and hair styling product. 

The Balm is also easy to wash off so you don't need to use too much shampoo which dries up your natural oils. Not only that, in humid Singapore where you simply have to wash your hair everyday, it's almost impossible not to strip off all natural oils from your hair. 

Some of you may find that the product works just as well as other, more affordable products. Sure, matte finish, super high hold, very pliable... Many products out there can do just that. But you can definitely tell the difference once you start using this treatment styling balm. If your hair is healthy, it becomes easier to control, easier to style, and it just looks better. In the long run, this is definitely the better product.

The original Treatment Styling Balm comes with a matte finish, but recently Morris Motley came up with a new variation of the balm called Chrome which gives the same benefits but with a controlled shine.

Unlike other products, you're paying for quality hair care and styling product when you buy Morris Motley. It's an investment that will generate more value than you can imagine in just a 100ml jug. 

We'll talk about the Cleansing Oil in another post, but, long story short, why would you wash your hair with shampoo that just eats up all kinds of oil (including your natural hair oil) and still expect to have healthy hair?

Stay tuned for more hair styling tips, tricks, and reviews on Hairppening!


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  • Alex

    Hey mate! One question please, i read the podt about morris motley cleansing oil and I would like to know if its good for fine hair, thank you

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