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Morris Motley Treatment Styling Balm vs By Vilain Gold Digger

With more and more brands coming up, many of our customers come to us and ask for recommendation on which hair product to purchase or try out. Which one is the most popular at the moment? And the most frequently asked question of them all, which is the best?

Morris Motley

Well, look no further. We've decided to do a full comparison between two of our bestsellers, the By Vilain Gold Digger and Morris Motley Treatment Styling Balm.

1. Hold

Both the Treatment Styling Balm and Gold Digger have strong hold that can last an entire day, perfect for those who are out from the morning to evening. 

2. Pliability

Pliability probably doesn't matter for a product with firm hold, but if you need to, the treatment Styling Balm is softer and more pliable and easier to restyle compared to the Gold Digger. However, the Gold Digger is still more pliable than most of the other products that give strong hold.

3. Ingredients

Since the treatment Styling Balm is aqua based and infused with rich essential oils and is completely vegan friendly, it definitely boasts a higher quality compared to gold digger. The gold digger is petrolatum based and is difficult to wash off without the help of a harsh shampoo, and easily causes buildup and scalp irritation. Most of our customers who are using these on a daily basis prefer the Treatment Styling Balm because it conditions your hair and helps nourish and protect the hair shaft and scalp.

4. Washabililty

Of course, the treatment Styling Balm is easier to wash as the Gold Digger is petroleum based. 


5. Popularity

To those of you who are unaware, By Vilain is a brand founded by twin brothers and YouTubers, Emil and Rasmus Vilain in the channel SlikhaarTV. As they were one of the most subscribed channels on grooming, you can see where the brand got most attention. However, Morris Motley products are also getting popular lately, as a brand that gives high quality products at a great price. 


The Verdict

All in all, both Gold Digger and Treatment Styling Balm is worth trying. If I would have to pick a winner, I'd go for the Treatment Styling Balm because of its' conditioning properties and botanical ingredients. Morris Motley also takes pride in creating hair products that protect and repair your hair from damage, so that you can retain your luscious locks.


To those of you who are looking for a product with similar properties, you might want to try:

Mister Pompadour Natural Beeswax Paste - Beeswax based, paraben-free, with medium to high hold and a matte finish. 

Byrd Matte Pomade - Water-based pomade with matte finish and high hold

Daimon Barber No.4 Clay Pomade - Matte finish, paraben-free, medium to high hold

Imperial Pomade Matte Pomade Paste - Super matte finish, volume boosting, medium hold

Looking for products with different properties? Check out the hair styling cheatsheet here.


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