How to Boost Hair Volume?

Need a hair product that adds volume? In Singapore, where it’s hot and humid most of the time, it can be quite frustrating to see your hair dropping after just a few hours. Not only that, even when you use super strong products that are supposed to hold your hair in place, it just won’t stay.

Well, the secret isn’t in a product with strong hold, but it’s actually in lightweight products. Strong products have a heavier formula, and will weigh down your hair after a little sweat. Replace it with a lightweight product that isn’t oil or petroleum based, and you can really see the difference in the volume it can produce, and how long it will last.

Here are some of the products out there that can boost volume without compromising much on hold.

Mister Pompadour Sculpting Clay

The Sculpting Clay has a medium hold with matte finish, but its’ lightweight formula can add volume to your hair and keep it there for hours. Infused with bentonite clay, the product absorbs sebum from your hair so it looks clean and won’t be greasy even after a sweaty afternoon. Made with beeswax base, it’s easy to wash off, unlike other conventional hair clays.

Original by BluMaan Styling Meraki

Original by BluMaan is great if you need a product with super strong hold that adds volume at the same time. The product comes as a pre-styler where you apply on damp hair and blow dry before adding other products to style. During the pre-styling process, the heat protectant in Original by BluMaan protects your hair while adding volume and body to lifeless hair.

Andrew Does Hair ADH Dry

ADH Dry is actually a fairly new product, but it’s really underrated and we always recommend people to try it. The super lightweight formula keeps your hair fluffed up throughout the day, despite the medium hold. ADH Dry also gives your hair a slight bounce and great texture, so there’s no need to use a sea salt spray before styling. Comes with a matte finish.

By Vilain Dynamite Clay

Even though Dynamite Clay is petroleum-based, you only need to use a little for it to take effect. Also a lightweight clay, you get a super matte finish with a slight volume boost. It boasts a strong hold that can last and doesn’t give off a greasy residue even after a long day.

Imperial Barber Matte Pomade Paste

The Matte Pomade Paste is not the most lightweight product around, but it can definitely help boost volume because it adds thickness and body to your hair. The paste works by spreading out your hair from the roots, so your hair looks fuller and thicker. It has a medium hold and can be reactivated and restyled with just a little moisture so your hair stays on point the whole day.

Morris Motley Treatment Styling Balm

Jam packed with amino acids that softens your hair after every use, the Treatment Styling Balm also gives you a volume boosting firm hold. With long term use, your hair becomes healthier so it naturally becomes thicker and looks fuller without styling much. Comes with a matte finish. If you are looking for some shine, try the Morris Motley Chrome instead.


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