Fifth Sample by BluMaan Styling Mask Pomade Review

Here in Singapore, pomades are not the most popular type of hair products out there, and we have to admit the Hairppening team almost always prefer clays. That might be because it's so hot and humid here that if your hair has a tiny bit of shine, it may be perceived as greasy. Ugh.

However, the Fifth Sample by BluMaan Styling Mask Pomade (boy, what a mouthful) may change your mind on that.

Overall Experience

Unlike typical pomades, Fifth Sample is not greasy and not heavy at all. It's a pomade that will not weigh down your hair so you can keep the pomp high up and airy, and will not give you any discomfort (think sticky forehead and sweaty, stuffy scalp-- none of that here.) throughout the day. So surprisingly, your hair will feel soft and light even though you had pomade on.

The Hold & Finish

As it's a water-based pomade, this product doesn't boast an extreme industrial-type hold, but is pretty decent. You can go between 6 to 8 hours easy, and, because it does not harden over time, you can easily finger-comb and quickly fix it on the go without any tugging. The lightweight formula also enhances the hold as the product doesn't weigh down your hair. Fifth Sample will not give you a super high shine, but it's a decent shine so your hair doesn't look dull and won't lose its' shine even after a long time.

The 'Styling Mask Pomade' Bit

What's the deal with this 'styling mask' thing? Well, it acts as a leave-on conditioner while it stays on so your hair gets softer and easier to manage over time. It's a plus point, for sure, but I wouldn't say it's the best thing about this pomade.

The Downside

It's a little difficult to scoop out of the jar, and you do have to use more of it, being a pomade and all. Once you scoop out the product, it spreads quite easily between the palms and into your hair. It also smells a little too close to an actual conditioner, although that's pretty subjective.

The Verdict

 I liked it. It definitely changed my mind about pomades because it's so lightweight. Oh, and did I mention? There's not much pre-styling to be done with this product because it's so pliable that it gives me a good control over my hair, and doesn't harden so I can restyle quickly and easily.

As far as pomades go, Fifth Sample definitely paves the way for a truly versatile product, and a pomade that feels clean and light. You should definitely try it.

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