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BYRD Matte vs BYRD Light vs BYRD Classic- What’s the difference?

The BYRD pomades all differ in terms of shine, texture, and hold, and has wax-based and water-based pomades. However, they are all really easy to wash because none of them are oil-based. They are also formulated with microcrystalline wax which gives greater control and pliability.


From lowest to highest, the Matte Pomade has zero shine, followed by the Classic Pomade which gives medium shine and the light pomade has high shine. Rest assured, even though the Light Pomade is super shiny, it’s a water-based pomade so you won’t look greasy and you can stay feeling fresh throughout the day.


From strongest to weakest, the Matte Pomade is the strongest of them all. Followed by the Classic Pomade which has higher than average hold, and the Light Pomade which can last you about 4 to 6 hours. You can see the trend for hold is similar to the trend for shine, and this is because the ingredient used to give you a shiny finish includes oil, which will weigh down your hair over time. The Light Pomade has a very lightweight formula that prevents the product from weighing down your hair, so it still has quite an acceptable level of hold. However, if you want a shiny finish that can last, we do recommend using the BYRD Classic, or try pre-styling with the Matte Pomade.


Both the Light and Classic Pomades give you a smooth texture, so you can tame down all your stubborn and unmanageable stray hair. This gives you a neat and clean finish. Use a wide-toothed comb after styling to split your hair for a more natural look. If you’re looking for a messy style, ruffled look, the Matte Pomade gives off medium texture so it looks a little more gritty and effortlessly styled.

Points to note

BYRD Classic Pomade

It’s wax-based and comes in a creamy paste. Suitable for people with unmanageable hair and if you’re trying to grow out your hair. Works best for medium to long hair.

BYRD Matte Pomade

Water-based pomade and comes in a textured paste. Great for short to medium length hair and if you want a matte finish and a ruffled hairstyle. Has the strongest hold among the three.

BYRD Light Pomade

Water-based pomade with high shine and zero texture. Great for all hair types. To increase the hold, we recommend pre-styling with a little bit of the Matte Pomade. 

Which BYRD Pomade did you try? Let us know in the comments below! Stay tuned for  more hair styling tips and reviews on Hairppening!

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