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The By Vilain Sidekick - A detailed review

The By Vilain Sidekick: A detailed review

We buy hair products all the time, and the main question we ask ourselves before adding yet another product to our styling routine is, “Does it work?”

I ask myself this question all the time. Does the product work as advertised, and, more importantly, does the product work for me in particular? I agree that some products may work better for others, but there are also some universal products out there that can be so versatile that it can be perfect for everybody and anybody. I’m still searching for that dream product, so… fingers crossed!

So here I am answering this question to those who are finding out—
Does the By Vilain Sidekick work? And will it work for me?

Hmm… Does the Sidekick work? Yes. It does. Advertised as a heat protectant, I believe the Sidekick has much more to offer, especially for a guy like me who is still hunting desperately for a miracle product that makes all my hair worries fade to grey. Here are the points that By Vilain advertises a Sidekick can do, and I’ll do my best to evaluate each of these features.

 1. It’s a heat protectant.

It may take some time down the road to see if this heat protectant really protects your hair from the damaging heat of the blow dryer, or the flat iron. But I’ve been applying it before blow drying and notice that my hair isn’t as dry as before. My girlfriend uses it before blow drying her hair so it doesn’t get frizzy, and she feels that it helps to prevent further damage while her hair ‘recovers’ from her perm. So my guess is, it’s quite a good heat protectant.

 2. It increases pliability.

Now, this part is true. Sometimes when I’m in a hurry and don’t have the time to wash my hair, I spray a few pumps of Sidekick and just very briefly blow dry with my brush. The bedhead is almost completely gone, and some stubborn strays that will usually require lots of product to tame is not visible anymore. It’s also easier to style after applying the Sidekick because it becomes really easy to control where my hair goes. I think the Sidekick will be perfect for those who prefer to skip the morning shower but have really stubborn and wild hair.

3. It increases hold.

I initially thought this feature was pretty much bs.  Logically, something shouldn’t be able to increase pliability and hold. Apparently my logic was flawed. The Sidekick makes your hair pliable when your hair is damp, and when the Sidekick is still wet. When it dries, you can feel the Sidekick getting tackier, like diluted glue. This is why it increases hold. It pretty much ‘glues’ your hair together, making the hairstyle last longer. The only downside is, you may need to speed up on the styling. What I do to prolong my styling time is, I blow dry my hair until it’s slightly damp, and not completely dry, so it takes longer for the Sidekick to dry.

4. It can be used as a hairspray.

Nope. Not for heavy duty use, I mean. Sure, you can spray the Sidekick after styling to add a little bit of extra hold, but it’s not enough to completely replace your hairspray. Some add hairspray to retain the hairstyle and to make it more durable and for it to last throughout the day. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but the Sidekick just can’t make the cut as a hairspray. I recommend the Gold Digger if you really need a hairstyle that can last.

When I first read up on the product, I was really doubtful. It just doesn’t seem like a product that I need. But once I started using it, I feel like I can’t go without it. It’s funny, really, because all it does is increase a little hold and add a little more pliability, but these small perks can actually be very useful.

I guess that’s why it’s called the Sidekick.

Check out the By Vilain Sidekick!

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  • zameer

    as i bought the side kick…i have read all the ingredients inside it….it contains alcohol….will the product damage my hair maybe not now,maybe when i turn 35 or 45

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