Which is better: By Vilain Gold Digger or Dynamite Clay?

By Vilain Gold Digger or Dynamite Clay?

“Quick question : What’s the difference between the By Vilain Gold Digger and the By Vilain Dynamite Clay? Which one should I get?”

Okay, here’s the gist of it— the Gold Digger has an extreme hold with a matte finish, and the Dynamite Clay has a strong hold with a dry matte finish. But that doesn’t answer your question, does it? So here I am, breaking it down for you so that you can make the best decision and get the best hair product for your hair type.

 1. Which one has a stronger hold?

 This is a no-brainer. The Gold Digger definitely has the stronger hold because it was designed to last. It can hold your hair in place for up to 12 hours while the Dynamite Clay can only provide hold for 8 to 10 hours, depending on your hairstyle and the conditions your hair is exposed to. So, if you’re looking for a really durable hairstyle, the Gold Digger is definitely for you.

 2. Which one is better for a volume boost?

 The Dynamite Clay can actually provide a volume boost to your hair because the formula is extremely lightweight, something that the Gold Digger can’t achieve because of the heavier formula (since it does provide a stronger ‘extreme’ hold). Your hair gets really fluffy and you can shake your head around and feel your hair waving around without actually getting messed up. Pretty cool, huh? I’ve used the Dynamite Clay myself and it really feels like I don’t have any product on at all, which is great.

 3. Which is more pliable?

 Both. They’re both equally pliable and adjustable throughout the day. When you’re outdoors, exposed to the wind, the sun, and everything in between, it’s important to have something pliable so that you can adjust accordingly if it ever goes out of shape.

 4. Which is more suitable for me?

 It all boils down to what you need, really. Although the Dynamite Clay is awesome, I personally prefer the Gold Digger because I prefer to have a quiff (also my hair is not long enough for a pomp). If you prefer pomps or comb backs with a little ‘kalipok’, then the Dynamite Clay is definitely the way to go. Basically, if you’d like a ‘larger’ hairstyle, the Dynamite Clay is more suitable because it boosts volume. If you prefer a more controlled look with a matte finish, I recommend the Gold Digger. (Hint : Most of our younger customers get the Dynamite Clay to achieve a careless ‘out of bed’ look, and it worked out great for them ;) ) Here are some video tutorials on the different hairstyles there are and how you can achieve it.

5. What’s the best?

 Both. Seriously.

My routine is to add some Gold Digger before blow drying as a pre-styler and style after blow drying with the Dynamite Clay. Mixing both gives me the best of both worlds as I get more control and more volume without having to compromise on hold. Sometimes when I don’t have much time to style my hair, I just style with the Dynamite Clay and boost the hold by spraying some Sidekick after styling, and I get about the same results. (I use the Sidekick to replace my hairspray because hairsprays make my hair shiny while the Sidekick doesn’t).

So there you have it, 5 simple points to decide whether you should get the Gold Digger or the Dynamite Clay. Stay tuned for more hairstyling reviews, tips, and tricks at hairppening.sg/blog!

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