The Ultimate Pre-Styling Routine

 Pre-Styling Guide - By Vilain Sidekick, By Vilain Blow | Singapore

With a good pre-styling routine, your genes won’t stop you from looking good anymore. Fair warning : these 5 simple steps may just be the only steps you need for a completely new and amazing hair-changing experience.

1. Start off with wet hair

 We usually start off with clean, freshly washed hair but if you’re not the type to shower or wash your hair in the morning, just dampen your hair with some water. The water helps get rid of unwanted bedheads and weird hair shapes (hair shapes?!?! You know what I mean).

2. Get your Sidekick ready

What exactly is a pre-styling spray anyway? The By Vilain Sidekick offers heat protection which prevents damage to your hair from the hot air in the blow dryer. Spray the Sidekick directly to your hair or spray it on your palms and spread it in. Make sure to coat your hair with the product to get maximum protection. The spray also increases pliability and hold so it becomes easier to style. Don't have a Sidekick? No worries, Original by Blumaan Styling Meraki comes with a heat protectant and is actually a pre-styling wax.

3. Blow dry your hair

Using a styling brush, blow dry your hair to the shape you want. Click here for more details on how to use a styling brush. Try to dry your hair all the way to the roots, and occasionally run your fingers through your hair to see if it’s still wet. It should be dry at the roots and the ends for easier styling.

4. Then add some texture

The Mister Pompadour Texture Powder adds volume to your hair, and is really great for those with thin and fine hair because it helps your hair stay up. Some products can be a little heavy and your hair may droop down and get a little flatter after styling. The super lightweight textured powder prevents that as it is a really lightweight styling powder. Just gently tap the powder (remember to shake before using!) to the roots of your hair, paying more attention to the center. Get maximum value with the upsized Texture Powder, at just $28 for 6g. A good alternative to the Texture Powder is By Vilain Blow, at $33 for 7g.

5. You’re ready to style!

Once you've got your hair all boosted up and in the right places, scoop a dab of your favourite hair products and rub them between your palms. Once it's smooth, spread it to your hair evenly by finger combing it through the strands of your hair. Achieving the style you want should be easy at this point, and there should be minimal tugging.

Don't like to pre-style? Try the Imperial Barber or Daimon Barber range of products instead.

Pre-style your hair right and let nothing else go wrong. Stay tuned for more hair tips and tricks at !

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    Any suggestions for pre styling/blowing creams instead of sprays?

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