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By Vilain: Gold Digger, Silver Fox, Dynamite Clay. What's the difference?

By Vilain Gold Digger, Silver Fox and Dynamite Clay. What's the difference? Hairppening Singapore

We've received questions from our patrons and readers such as, what does the Silver Fox do? What's the difference between the Dynamite Clay and the Gold Digger? So we've compiled all the factors we think is important in determining which is the wax most suitable for you and included it here! Comment below if you have any questions or if you think we've missed something out! 

We've also included some of the cocktails we found out works great in Singapore weather! Stay tuned for more haircare tricks, tips and reviews on our Blog ;)



  • Fiq

    Where is a scent??

  • Renddy

    I think Gold Digger is the best ! The only exception is it scent. Not as good as the other

  • Hairppening

    Hi Calvin,

    The Dynamite Clay is similar to the HDF Quicksand.

  • Calvin

    I’m still curious with Dynamite clay, is the product exactly the same with HDF Quicksand?

  • Matt H

    What is reccomended for my hair type; thick, course, and 3.5 inches long on top?

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