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The Ultimate Guide to Using Hairppening’s All-Round Hair Styling Brush


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The 5-Step Guide to Using an All Round Styling Brush

So we keep stressing about pre-styling your hair by combing it while blow drying your hair, but sometimes, that’s just not good enough. It’s also important to comb it correctly to form the right shape and curls at the right places.

Step 1: Get hair slightly damp

Start with slightly wet or damp hair. After showering, gently pat dry (not vigorously rub with your towel) all the excess water on your hair. It should be wet, but not dripping. For those who skip the shower, wet your hands and just rub the water into the hair to dampen it.

Step 2: Outward curl at the front

Hold the comb with your better hand (e.g. if you’re right handed then we suggest holding the comb on your right hand) and the hairdryer with the other. Starting from the front part of the head, form an outward curl with your hair.

From the center of your head, move the comb towards the front and rotate the comb upwards to form an outward curl. With the comb still in the hair, blow hot air to the part of the hair attached to the comb. Repeat for two to three times or until you get a rough shape.

Note: Make sure you get a good grip of the hair for maximum impact. You should be able to feel some tension at the roots if you’re doing it right.

Step 3: Outward curl at the sides

Do outward curls at both sides of the hair as well, but use your right hand to curl your left side of the head and vice versa so that the hairdryer can do its’ job properly. Curl only up to the portion of hair about two fingers above your ears for a natural look. Outward curls add volume to the hair so these curls should make your hair puff right up.

Step 4: Outward and inward curls at the back

Split your hair at the back to the top part and the bottom part of the hair. For the top part, form an outward curl by moving the comb from the center to the back of the head, then curling it upwards.

For the bottom part, use the hairdryer and blow the hair from the top of the uncurled part and, holding the comb horizontally, gently sway the comb from side to side. This gives the hair a fluffy texture with not too much volume and tames down any weird shapes formed from sleeping.

Step 5: Set and style

With cold air, blow the front and the sides of the hair from the bottom to the top to freeze the shape.

And remember; form shapes with hot air, but use cold air to set it.

You are now ready to style your hair!

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