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The Hair Styling Guide Every Man Should Know

The Hair Styling Guide Every Man Should Know.

Guide for Singapore Men to Styling Hair - Hairppening

After asking around our peers and snooping in Singapore’s forums and hair related discussion threads, we’ve noticed that most people do not really know how to properly use their hair products. What’s worse-- they’re doing it wrong. 

Therefore, we’ve decided to present to you guys a very brief guideline to using your hair products and reasons behind doing so in our blog.

1.Try to apply hair wax or clay to clean hair.

When your hair is dirty and greasy, applying wax on it traps the dirt and makes your hair heavier and makes it lose volume. It also makes your hair more difficult to clean after that.

2. Never apply too much wax.

Sometimes a product with matte finish may end up looking a little shiny, or worse, greasy. The problem is with applying too much wax. Sometimes, we can be too obsessed with getting the look we want, we tend to point all problems with not having enough wax. That’s almost never the problem. Just take a small amount with your finger and rub the wax between the palms of your hands before applying it. Too much hair wax adds additional weight to the hair and will reduce the defying gravity properties of the wax. If you feel like you used too much, but still can't achieve the volume or style you need, try using a texture powder instead.

3. Try to pre-style your hair

We cannot stress this enough. Blow drying your hair and just combing it in the right directions can make a huge difference to your styling time, the amount of product you will use, and the overall look of your hairstyle throughout the day.

4. Hair wax is for your hair, not for your scalp.

While shampooing and cleaning your hair requires product on the scalp, it’s a definite no-no when it comes to applying hair wax. Wax on the scalp is very difficult to wash off and can damage your scalp which can lead to hair loss or dandruff. Apply the wax with your fingers from the root towards the tip of the hair while pulling your hair upwards to prevent product from getting to your scalp.

5. Don't sleep with product in your hair.

It’s important to remove all hair product before bed because exposing the hair to these chemicals for too long can be damaging (or try using natural hair products like Morris Motley or Daimon Barber). Also, dirt sticks to the wax when you’re outdoors, and the bacteria can spread from your hair to your face from the pillows. This can lead to acne growth and affect your overall look. 

And that’s it!

To close, here's a mantra that all hair guys should live by : Styling hair makes you look good, but keeping it healthy makes it last.

Stay tuned for more guidelines and hair do's and don'ts in Hairppening!


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