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Hair Wax Review: By Vilain Gold Digger and Silver Fox

Gold Digger or Silver Fox hair wax on Hairppening Singapore

Perfect Hair Wax for Singapore?

Hairppening reviews and compares the By Vilain Gold Digger and the By Vilain Silver Fox hair wax in detail.

What do men look for in hair wax? This is a question we ask ourselves whenever we look for hair products to bring to We are an online store that not only provides hair products, we provide quality ones.

So what makes the By Vilain Gold Digger and the By Vilain Silver Fox so good that we include them in our worthy waxes collection? The answer is simple : they are simply worthy of the name.

1. They provide extreme hold 

The Gold Digger provides extreme hold and is very durable compared to other hair waxes available out there. We have tried applying the wax after pre-styling (check out 7 reasons why pre-styling is important) and our hair just stayed in place. Some products require rebuffing at certain parts of the day, but not this one. The formula used is somehow as strong as glue but as versatile as wax, enabling you to mould the wax and your hair to the hairstyle you want.
The Silver Fox provides extreme hold as well, but the effects of the Silver Fox is completely on the other side of the spectrum. One would assume that a wax with a shiny finish will result in soft, shiny hair; and the look and finish of it probably wouldn’t last long. That’s not true with the By Vilain Silver Fox. The unique silicone formula keeps your hair stiff while maintaining the soft look that so far, the team at Hairppening have never seen in other hair waxes.

2. Full benefits are obtained even in small amounts

Another thing we love about hair products in Hairppening is the affordability of it all. By Vilain’s Gold Digger and Silver Fox is heavily concentrated with its’ formula so just a little bit of product can go a long way. This is economical in a sense that you’re not using as much product and would not have to purchase as much product as you’re used to. So not only do you get to reduce the amount of product that goes into your hair, it’s cost efficient, too.

3. They are suitable for use in Singapore’s weather

The By Vilain Gold Digger has a really nice no-shine matte finish that helps make easily greasy looking hair stay fresh and dry, even though you’ve been out the whole day and your clothes were soaked in your sweat while it dries from the sun. The formula is also concentrated enough to prevent your sweat from washing off the product unintentionally.

On the other hand, the By Vilain Silver Fox has a shiny finish. Will it be affected with sweat and hot weather? Most products with a shiny finish looks good only during the first few hours (few is probably overstating it, even). However, the By Vilain Silver Fox has a very even finish and doesn’t look greasy at all, even after a prolonged time. Greasy hair is shiny, but it’s also sticky and only shiny in certain patches. The Silver Fox silicone formula keeps your hair separated and gives it an even shine, which is what we suspect makes it so different from other hair waxes.

4. It adds volume AND can tame wild hair? Sounds too good to be true.

The By Vilain Gold Digger and Silver Fox adds volume to men’s hair. Okay. Sounds like what every other wax in the world can offer. But does it add volume uncontrollably and absolutely? No. Which is why it’s so easy to control and can really tame wild hair.

The Gold Digger was designed to provide texture to what was once drab, boring, typical Singaporean hair. A wild and messy bunch is lifted up and shaped to a proper and eye catching hairstyle only commoners can envy. And the best part? You did it all by yourself, in the comfort of your own home, without the need of hairstylists and hours of waiting.

The Silver Fox, on the other hand, is made for slick hairstyles and to achieve a very groomed and polished look. How, then, does it tame wild hair? It’s simple. When you comb your hair and run your fingers through the strands, the wax just coats and goes through the top of your hair. When it dries, it forms a stiff, round cage that keeps the ugly on the inside, and the groomed on the outside.

With these qualities and more, is there really nothing wrong with both of these so-called worthy waxes? Have we now found the epitome of hair wax perfection and there’s no more room for improvement?

Sadly, no. There are still some drawbacks to these hair waxes, but we believe they’re minor compared to all the benefits we can reap from them.

The wax can dry up a little too quickly to our liking. The palms of our hands can get sticky and all weird-like before we finish styling our hair. However, just add a few drops of water and rub the wax between both hands and you can lengthen your styling time.

But then again, no wax is perfect (yet), right?

Stay tuned in for our next daily dose of hair care digest.

What’s next? Do you know what’s the difference between hair wax and hair clay?


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