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7 Reasons Why Pre-Styling is Important

7 Reasons Why Pre-Styling is Important with Hairppening's All Round Pre-Styling Brush

How many men you know actually pre-style their hair? Many say they don’t need it, while some say it’s just an extra step. That’s not what we believe in Hairppening.

Hairppening presents: 7 Reasons Why Pre-Styling is Important

1. It Sets Your Hair in the Right Places

Ever get annoyed with stray hair? Some parts of the hair just won’t go in the direction you want? Pre-styling it prevents that. A blow dryer gently pushes hair and sets it in the direction you are blowing, and will stay in place for the rest of the day (with the help of hair products, of course).

2. It Gives Your Hair a General Shape

Having a general shape to work in will reduce styling time dramatically. Hair waxes and clays help keep hair in position while adding texture and hold, but pre styling quickens and eases the process. Blow dry and form a natural shape for your hair and just let the product work its’ magic.

3. It Adds Volume to Your Hair

Let’s admit it- most guys in Singapore have flat hair. But never let that stop you from achieving the David Beckham hairstyle you want! Blowing your hair while combing it (we recommend the Hairppening All Round Styling brush) adds volume to your hair when shaped and curled accordingly.

4. It Prevents from Using Too Much Product

Sometimes, when the hair cannot be styled to your liking, you will be compelled to use more product when styling. This is not necessary. Most hair products only require a small amount to style even the most impressive hairstyles. Also, it is not economical when hair products are used excessively and can be very messy and difficult to wash off. We may be running an online store for hair waxes and clays for men, but we don't want you to waste it. Remember : less is more.

5. It’s Better for Your Hair

Having pre-styled hair makes it easier to style and enables the product to easily spread into the hair. This prevents your hair from getting damaged from too much pulling to get your hair to your desired style.

6. It’s Where Your Products Work Best

In order to fully enjoy the benefits of your hair products, your hair has to be in the optimal environment for the product to work in. Dry, soft hair from blow drying and combing helps the product to adhere more easily to the hair, resulting in effects that can last longer.

7. It Makes Reworking Quicker and Easier

With a good pre-styling routine, your hair becomes very manageable and will just fall naturally to the right places. Because of this, you can easily and quickly rework your hair if you change your mind.

With these benefits, your next question would be: What’s the perfect pre-styling routine to have?

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