The perfect brush for your hair type


Perfect brush for your hair type


A hair brush is essential to everyone. It aids in blow drying and prevents dandruff buildup, it aids in pre-styling and helps you get your hair in the right shape before styling, it helps prevent hair from tangling and detangles it as well... It’s essential.

However, the million dollar question is: which brush should I get first? (At this point I should just tell you to get ALL of them, but honestly, nobody needs that many different types of brushes.)

1. All round hair styling brush

Round styling brush free shipping

It’s inexpensive, boosts volume (really useful for people with thin hair), and really great for pre-styling. While blow drying, the round brush can be used to form curls and bends in the right directions so your hair doesn’t just stick upwards. Styling your hair is definitely easier after using the round brush. It’s not that great if you have thick hair, though. Mainly because the bristles are pretty packed up so there will be quite a lot of tugging. 

  • Good price point

  • Good for pre-styling

  • Recommended for those with thin and straight hair

  • Suitable hair length: Short to medium


2. By Vilain 9-row brush


By Vilain 9 Row Brush for men Free Shipping!

Ah, the classic styling brush for men. It’s actually the best seller among all the other brushes we have here. 9 rows of bristles packed in an average sized brush gives you maximum control during pre-styling. Those bestowed with thick hair will be grateful for this feature because it styles a large section of your hair effortlessly so you spend less time pre-styling, with better and more defined results. It also tames even the wildest hair and helps style bends without making your hair look too big.

  • Good for pre-styling

  • Gives very good control, can style large amount of hair at one time

  • Recommended for those with thick hair

  • Suitable hair length: Medium to long


3. By Vilain Skeleton brush


By Vilain Skeleton Brush for men Free Shipping!

While some guys like their hair to be as sleek and as neat as possible, some prefer a more natural and effortless look. (Can’t let the ladies know you spent 30 minutes on your hair, am I right? ;) ) The skeleton brush is perfect for those trying to achieve a natural look. This brush gives your hair increased volume and a little bit of bounce so that the hair product won’t easily weigh it down. Use it after styling to form natural and inconsistent waves in your hairstyle for a naturally messy look.


  • Great to use during blow drying, detangles hair easily

  • Adds bounce and volme to lifeless hair

  • To be used after styling for a more natural look

  • Recommended for any hair type and length


4. By Vilain Paddle Brush


By Vilain Paddle Brush for men Free Shipping!

The By Vilain Paddle Brush should mainly be used for hair care instead of styling. Not only does it help to untangle hair, it actually prevents your hair from getting tangled up in the first place. Use it before bed to separate all your hair, and use it before the shower so that all your hair products can reach each strand. The paddle brush is also very good for guys who do not have the habit of washing your hair before styling. Just use the paddle brush before jumping in to your styling routine.

  • Prevents tangles and bad bedheads

  • Great for guys who don’t wash their hair before styling

  • Recommended for those with thick, curly and unmanageable hair

  • Suitable for all hair length


All in all, each brush really has its' own benefits. Take a look at the recommended hair types and hair lengths to help you decide on which brush to get. I definitely recommend starting off with a styling brush first.

Stay tuned for more hair styling tips, tricks, and reviews on!

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